: Africlectic Magazine - African Time Episode #1: What does it mean to look African?
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 African Times is a new web series by the Waave + Dada artist collective. It’s a web series that explores the plights, laughs and loves of Africans in the diaspora through a series interviews and anecdotes. The first episode answers the question “what does it mean to look African?”

In the interview, Joey shares his experiences of living in America as an African. I’m sure most of us from the diaspora will be able to identify with his experience. As an African in America, we can on this thin line of wanting to assimilate to the American culture but still wanting to identify to our African roots. Joey admitted that when he goes back home to Mozambique he is aware that he stands out and almost feels like he doesn’t truly identify with his roots culture because of the heavy influence that America has on his life.

As someone who has just return from Nigeria, I can completely identify with Joey. Everywhere I went in Nigeria, I knew I stood out. However, with time it no longer bothers me. I’m Nigerian with a splash of American culture and that’s it. It is important for us Africletists to find that beautiful balance of assimilating but still holding on to our roots.

I would encourage all Africletists reader to keep an eye on Waave _ Dada’s African Time series.

Stephan Horwitz from the blog the Africa is a Country ….said this about the series

“… every episode offers insights into American culture that only outsiders and new Americans could provide. And that’s the thing about the African Time web series: even though the intention may be to provide a glimpse into the lives of Africans in the US, it ultimately reveals more about American society, with all of its problems and idiosyncrasies.”

Faith Umoh-Africlectic Blog Submission

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